My name is Saida, I am a young woman from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. I stopped my studies at a young age because of our traditions, ever since I never ceased seeking a way to enhance my life and evolve because there was no way to live like my mother and other Berber women.

I started working from my family house receiving tourists and sharing with them my culture and traditions, I did my best to learn how to speak French and English on my own using dictionaries and trying to communicate with my friends who have always been on my side and gave me the motivation to move forward.

During quarantine because the tourism has freeze in Morocco, like so many other countries, I came up with the idea of selling traditional rugs made by the women of my village. This idea was the reason why over 20 women of my village who are really in need, could finally have an income for the first time, most of them are the only person making a living in the house now. They also could have the chance to take care of themselves as women and not spend their entire life in the kitchen.

Today, and thanks to your support, women of my village have evolved and are independent individuals, making high quality rugs with their hands and with completely natural products. Each piece has a story, and each design is coloured with sweat and blood, knots are in a perfect order even though these people cannot count and have never been to school. It is complete magic!

We are now available on social media with the help of my now friends (former clients) who introduced me to a whole different universe of technology and communication sharing photos of our village and work on their accounts and showing our passion to the world.

Being an example of the contemporary Berber woman, I am now responsible of the future of many women and their families and doing all my best to evolve and carry on to grow our business bigger in spite of the huge competition with professionals in this field and the little knowledge I have of social media and technology. I am confident that we will make it together especially that we are good citizens and that women of my village are now paid what they deserve and not being used by other sellers like the others.

My team and I are at your disposal to make custom rugs  hand made with natural sheep wool, coloured with almonds, henn√©, cinnamon and so many other products of our village, just name it and we will make it happen at the most natural ways.

Thank you so much for your trust and support, we do our best to keep up the good work and always meet your expectations and beyond. Thanks to you our story travels the world!

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